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I Shouldn't Feel This Way- STOLEN STORY AGAIN

Well, it seems like someone else has decided to rip off my story without crediting me, I would appreciate it if you guys would become a member on the site, write a comment and show your support of my original work. although she has not plagarized me word for word, i do see some of my style in there and the general plot and idea is all mine without being credited. 

I hate that this keeps happening to me. 

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Anonymous said,
"I seriously cannot WAIT for you to publish your ISFTW series. Noah & Aria are my all time FAVORITE contemporary romance couple. The way you write is so fresh, real, and relatable. You are beyond gifted and I feel you will do great things with your success. It's been a pleasure to watch you grow. It's like watching a rising star. Uve worked so hard and all ur real fans and followers are so proud of you! We're all cheering for u :D Well done Mimi! Love you lots!-Sharon"

Awww you’re making me cry :’) <3


Thank you so much for being so supportive. All of you wonderful people have really been amazing and so understanding of my goals, encouraging my dreams and always reminding me to believe in myself. Despite whatever challenges ahead, I will not give up and will never give up on my writing. Thank you for taking a chance on my series. It means a lot that my characters who are although fictional, have put such an impact on your life and heart <3 

Much love,

Mimi xx

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Anonymous said,
"Hi, I love your series "Blind My Eyes." Are you going to be posting more installments anytime soon?? I'm just curious... because I love it so far!!!"

Hi anon :)

Thank you for reading Blind My Eyes, although I do enjoy writing that story, unfortunately all my stories right now have to be put on hold because I am busy editing ISLTW and trying to finish Wicked Games We Play (book 3)

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Anonymous said,
"Where can I find ISLTW I can not find it on lush so where else would it be?"

hi anon, 

i took down my series off the web to edit and prepare it for publication. 

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Here’s a chill song everyone should listen to on a Sunday :)

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A beautiful Noaria anthem :’) 

Just had to share, hope you guys enjoy the feels! it’s just so them <3


Through the highs and the lows
only you can seal this heart.
You’re sobering the fall
to unconditional love.

And through the tides and the floods,
only you can be the shore.
And separate the dark,
from unconditional love…

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I’d love to share some of the things I write with you. This is one I’ve been working on recently it’s called “there’s so moving on”
There’s No Moving On

Another day without you
Another day alone
I know you’re moving on
But I’m still staring at the phone

Waiting for your call
waiting for your voice
Nothing else makes sense
Everything’s just noise

I need you by my side
I can’t stop holding on
Honey you’re my everything
And there’s no moving on

There’s no moving on
From a love like this
Everything I need
Is waiting on your lips
Your kiss is like my breath
Baby let me breathe
Don’t take away my life
I’m down here begging please
Cause if you leave
There’s no moving on

You’re fingers made a promise
With the hearts they traced
“Baby I’m yours forever”
And that can’t be erased

Tell me that it matters
Everything we said
Tell me you aren’t leaving me
For someone else’s bed
Cause I’m telling you:

Repeat chorus

The phone still ain’t ringing
I know that you won’t call
I wish I woulda saw it
Before you told me I could fall

But you took my life away
There’s no air to breath
You gave it all to her
I never thought you’d leave

I woulda held on harder
Kissed you a little sweeter
Held you a little closer
Nothing coulda made me stronger

You’re kisses were my strength
You’re eyes were my weakness
The way you’re arms held me
Always left me speechless

And what was there to lose when:

I Never wanted to move on
There’s so much I knew I’d miss
Everything I always needed
Was waiting on your lips
Your kiss was like my breath
You wouldn’t let me breathe
You took away my life
While I begged you please
Now I’m 6 feet under
But I know that you’ve moved on


Danielle this is so beautiful <3 I can truly feel the emotion in it, a lover lost. Sometimes it’s so hard to let go, especially when someone you love moves on from you. Acoustic or piano accompaniment would go great with this song your wrote :) 

Thank you for sharing it with me xx

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i hope you fall in love with someone who makes you question why you ever thought you would be better off alone
- unknown (via kushandwizdom)
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Anonymous said,
"I seriously love your writing an storylines. I'm currently aspiring to be a book editor and I would love to be your beta reader. If that's okay, or whatever. I'll understand if you say no."

Aww thank you anon <3 I seriously appreciate your offer, but I already found an editor to do all the proof reading for me now. I’ve been considering a profession as an editor as well, since I have learned a lot on my own. I personally feel I could submit ISFTW as it is right now to a publisher, because I’m confident in my edit, but I would like a second pair of experienced eyes just to double check on formatting. 

I really think you guys will be impressed with how I edited my series so far. 

Anyway, if I do need a beta reader in the future, I will post it on my blog and I would love your help if you were available to do so :) Thanks again for offering.